3rd International Conference on Deformation Processing and Structure of Materials

Conference Proceedings


Modeling of Wetting Phenomena at Grain Boundary Grooves of Metal/Ceramic Joints
M. Mihailovic, S. Dj. Mesarovic, K. T. Raic, T. Volkov-Husovic

Experimental study and thermodynamic calculation of Au-Bi-Sb system phase equilibria
D. Manasijevic, D. Minic, D. Živkovic, Ž. Živkovic

The Influence of the Plastic Deformation on the Metal Flow During High Frequency Electric Resistance Welding of Longitudinally Welded Pipes
R. Maksuti, H. Mehmeti, H. Oettel

Influence of the External Scale Cracking on the Ti3Al-Based Alloy Oxidation Kinetics
I. Cvijovic, M. T. Jovanovic

Analysis of Nonmetallic Inclusions Distribution and Microstructure in Centrifugally Cast Steel Pipes
B. Katavic, Z. Odanovic

Differential Scanning Calorimetry through the Example of AlCu15Mg5 Alloys
B. Zlaticanin, M. Filipovic, S. Markovic

An Analysis of Processing and Properties of the Ultra-high Strength Steel Sheets
Z. Odanovic, B. Katavic, M. Djurdjevic, V. Grabulov

Corrosion of Cold Deformed Brass
Z. Avramovic, M. Antonijevic

Structure, Design and Applications of Geopolymeric Materials
I. Giannopoulou, D. Panias

Determination of Strain Distribution in Cold Extruded Workpiece – An Experimental Approach
P. Skakun, M. Milutinovic, M. Plancak, L. Šidanin

Nondestructive Methods for Thermal Shock Characterization of Silicon Carbide / Cordierite Composite Material
M. Posarac, M. Dimitrijevic, J. Majstorovic, T. Volkov–Husovic, A. Devecerski, B.Matovic

Characteristics of Copper and Copper – Al2O3 Composites Prepared by High – Energy Milling
V. Rajkovic, D. Bozic, M. T. Jovanovic

Behaviour of Fe-Cr based alloys under neutron irradiation
M. Matijasevic, A. Almazouzi

Effect of Electromagnetic Field on the Microstructure of Continual Casting Al 2024 Alloy Ingots
A Pataric, Z. Gulišija, B. Jordovic, B. Nedeljkovic

Materials Technology for Advanced Land Based Gas Turbines
A. Neidel, B. Matijaševic-Lux , J. Völker

Theoretical Aspects of Structural Design of Various Metal Powders Obtained by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
V. Jokanovic, S. Stopic, B. Friedrich, Z. Cvijovic

A Model for Predicting Fracture Toughness in Overaged 7000 Alloy Forgings
M. Vratnica, Z. Cvijovic, M. Rakin, I. Cvijovic

Laser interactions with Ti,Ni and Al Alloys
M. Sreckovic, M. Kutin, R. Gospavic, M. Trtica

Micromechanics of a carbon nanotube turf and numerical modeling of nanoindentation
H. Radhakrishnan, S.Dj. Mesarovic, C.M. McCarter, D.F. Bahr, C.D. Richards

TEM and Dual Beam (SEM/FIB) investigations of subsurface cracks and White Etching Area (WEA) formed in a deep groove ball bearing caused by Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF)
A. Grabulov, H. W. Zandbergen

Approximation of Material Behaviour of PLLA Polymer in HAP/PLLA Biocomposite Material Using Nanoindentation and Finite Element Method
I. Balac, D. Aleksendric, C.Y. Tang, C.P. Tsui, P.S. Uskokovic and D.P. Uskokovic

Bending Properties of Glass-Polyester Composite Pipes
S. Putic, M. Stamenovic, M. Zrilic, B. Bajceta

Influence of silane coupling agents on the mechanical properties of recycled glass fiber-reinforced composites
V. Radojevic, D. Stojanovic, D. Trifunovic, M. Perišic, R. Aleksic

Hardness Response of Different Composite Systems with Fine-Grained Nickel Electrodeposited Films
J. Lamovec, V. Jovic, D. Trifunovic, R. Aleksic, V. Radojevic

Monitoring The Internal Oxidation In Rapidly Solidified Copper
R. Rudolf, I. Anžel, L. Kosec, D. Stojic

Development of a Collision Energy Absorber of a Passenger Train
J. Tanaskovic, V. Lucanin, N. Radovic

Residual Stresses in Cold Rolled Narrow Strips:Experimental Measurement – FEM Simulation
N. Tadic, M. Mišovic

Clay and Alumina Grain Size Effect on Highalumina Refractories
M. Jovanovic, A. Beroš

The effect of residual stresses on bimaterial structure with initial crack located near interface
M. Rakin, O. Kolednik, N.K. Simha, B. Medjo, F. D. Fischer,

Structure, Phase Composition and Thermomagnetic Behavior of Nd14Fe79B7 Alloy
A. Grujic, J. Stajic-Trošic, V. Cosovic, N. Talijan, L. Teng

Structure and Properties of Advanced Ag-SnO2Electrical Contact Materials
N. Talijan, V. Cosovic, J. Stajic-Trošic,A. Grujic, D. Živkovic, E. Romhanji

Phase equilibria investigation and characterization of the Au-In-Sb system
L. Gomidželovic, D. Živkovic, N. Talijan, D. Manasijevic, V. Cosovic, A. Grujic

Influence of Thermomechanical Treatment on the Anneal Hardening Mechanism of a Sintered Cu-4at.%Ag Alloy
S. Nestorovic, I. Rangelov, D. Markovic

Influence of Composition of Boroning Mixture on the Volume Change of Pressed and Boroned Samples From Iron Powder
S. Ivanov, E. Požega

Structure Changes Due to Service Deformation and Oscillations in Low Pressure Turbine Blades
Z. Karastojkovic, Z. Janjuševic, Z. Kovacevic

Deformation Regime and Microstructures of Gold Alloy 585
Z. Karastojkovic, R. Peric, Z. Janjuševic, Z. Kovacevic

The influence of thermomechanical treatment and chemical composition on recrystallization of Al-Mg alloys
Lj. Radovic, M. Nikacevic, M. Popovic, E. Romhanji

Microstructural Analysis of Simulated Heat Affected Zone in Creep Resisting Steel
L. Milovic, T. Vuherer, M. Zrilic, D. Momcilovic, S. Putic

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