3rd International Symposium


September 12-14th, 2008, Belgrade, SERBIA


In a year when we celebrate two hundred years of the University of Belgrade,
Association of Metallurgical Engineers of Serbia
Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
Institute of Chemistry Technology and Metallurgy
Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Vinca"
Serbian Chemical Society
supported by Ministry of Science of Republic of Serbia organize the 3rd International Symposium Light Metals and Composite Materials in Belgrade, September 12-14th, 2008.


The aim of Symposium is to get together the eminent scientists and experts from Balkan and other countries in field of process industry, physical metallurgy, manufacturing and application of light metals and alloys. The Symposium program will also embrace the whole spectrum of composite materials from production, materials characterization to the final products. The program will include papers devoted to both fundamental and practical aspects of the following topics:

  • Extraction, Rafination, Recycling
  • Casting and metal working
  • PM processing
    Structure and phase transformations
  • Materials design and application
  • Rare and other metals
  • Nanocomposite materials
  • Microstructural and interface characterization
  • Phase interactions
  • Modelling and simulation
>> Symposium program
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Special announcement:

Extended papers could be published in one of the following scientific journals:

Journal of Serbian Chemical Society
Metalurgija-Journal of Metallurgy
Journal of Mining and Metallurgy

according to their instructions for authors!


Ministry of Science and
Environment Protection
Republic of Serbia